3 Simple hacks to keep your desk clean!

Keeping your desk clean and tidy is such an easy task, but one that people don’t like doing, however doing it makes you feel so focused & motivated to get work done – instead of looking and wondering how you let it get this bad!

Especially when you’re sharing office space with others or work in a big corporate environment, having everyone’s desks looking untidy & dirty it doesn’t give off that professional look. Especially when you have visitors looking around, who are looking to do business with you!

If you were looking at your desk right now – what would you be thinking? I am guessing, if you’re anything like me, you would probably be thinking how hard it is to keep a desk clean is!

Here are a few simple hacks to keep your work-space clean (that don’t take long!)


Get rid of all that random clutter on your desk… you know the things just gathering dust making your desk look awful. You only want to keep things that have a purpose for work – files/laptop/pens etc that you are using all day. You will be surprised how much extra space you will gain by doing this! Move all your clutter to the draws… (I am not saying get rid of the family photo, but the random secret Santa gift from two years ago – that should go.)



Nothing looks worse than a crazy amount of cables all intertwined running the length of your desk – and to make matters worse they will be one of the first things to collect insane amounts of dust. Get them cables tied and hidden away – easy!



Cleaning/dusting your desk on the regular can be the most satisfying thing ever, suddenly you feel super motivated to get your work done! And it only takes 5mins – grab yourself a microfiber cloth and wipe everything down once a week.



Don’t eat at your desk! It can be really easy to because your working super hard and have colleges yelling deadlines at you – but eating where you work causes your space to gather crumbs etc. and it’s not overly pleasant to smell what your neighbour has had for lunch!

Turn your keyboard upside down and give it a good shake – whatever comes out will probably tell you it’s time to stop eating at your desk.

Hopefully once you have done these really simple tasks – you will never have a problem with your work-space looking messy again!

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