Are you paying too much for your commercial cleaner?

If you’re reading this blog then you are probably looking for a commercial cleaning company… or wondering what to charge for your own office cleaning clients!

It is very difficult to give an average price for commercial cleaning because prices can range anywhere from £8 an hour to well over £20 depending on the size of the company and what they are cleaning on a daily/weekly basis. Smaller localised companies and one-man bands will usually charge closer to the £8/hr whereas bigger national companies will charge more like £20 per hr for their services.

Other factors like does the company supply all their own cleaning supplies or does the client want to use site specific chemicals (perhaps they want all eco-friendly chemicals) due to the nature of their business. Also are you ordering/re-stocking any consumables for the company (toilet rolls/hand soaps etc.) this will also increase the price per hour.
If you are paying a larger professional cleaning company and paying closer to £20/Hr – you should (if not already offered) negotiate a yearly deep clean to clean things that cannot be covered by weekly cleaning – I like to offer a deep clean at the start of our service so that we know what standard we should be keeping (not everyone’s standards of cleaning are equal).

When it comes time to get cleaning quotes its always best to approach a few different companies, because like I stated earlier prices vary a lot, bear in mind prices are not always the best way to choose a company. Expensive quotes are not always a guarantee of good work – My best piece of advice would be to work with a company that listens to what you want, has a track record of delivering consistently high-quality work for other clients, and explains simply what you can expect from them and holds all the correct paperwork that I will go through.

Another part of choosing an office cleaning company is to make sure that all their paperwork is in order:

– Making sure they have insurance (And the right level of cover)
I would recommend a company having a minimum of £2,000,000 public liability and employer’s liability with a min of £10,000,000.

– Specific site risk assessment
Any work that is being undertaken at your place of business should have a risk assessment if it poses a potential risk – cleaning is no different!

– Health and safety policies
Your cleaning company should have a H&S policy to reduce potential accidents to anyone working your workspace and also cleaners on-site.

– COSHH assessments & data sheets for all chemicals
Every company should hold data sheets and COSHH assessments for all their cleaning chemicals – because if an accident should occur as a cleaning company you should know how to treat any accidents (you should carry assessments everywhere that you have chemicals even when transporting from job to job) Even as a 1-man band using products from a supermarket they should have both as they are easily available.

Many smaller companies more commonly will not have many of these pieces of paperwork, but really should, it is always worth asking to see these policies, it will tell you a lot about their company.

When deciding on who you should hire to clean your office these are the main points to consider:

– What size is the company? Do they have staff or are they a 1-man band?

– Do they have a good track record of delivering consistently good work – positive reviews? Or endorsed by well – known companies locally?

– Is the company properly insured? With the correct health and safety policies?

– Is the quote you get inclusive of VAT – if applicable (smaller companies may be exempt)

– What are their terms & conditions – see if they offer trial periods/or work on a rolling monthly basis.

Both 1-Man band cleaning companies and bigger professional cleaning companies have pros and cons (will go into detail in another blog) but these are basic things to consider when you are looking around at prices for hiring a cleaning companies.

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