High pressure cleaners and hygiene

Anyone who uses high pressure cleaners can efficiently work large areas such as ceilings, walls or floors. These machines offer the ability to reach a high hygiene standard and thus kill germs, bacteria and viruses. Depending on the area of application, models whose water pressure and volume can be controlled on the high-pressure gun are in demand. Users can use the appropriate combination to achieve the desired result without the loose dirt rebounding.

Hot water machines accelerate the cleaning by up to 40 per cent compared to cold water models. Better results can be achieved quicker and the drying process of the clean areas is considerably shorter. A measurable germ reduction can be achieved when working with a water temperature of at least 85°C. Not only is the dirt removed, but bacteria and viruses are also effectively combated.

In order to break chains of infection and remove all dirt residues, suitable cleaning agents can also be used. If the foaming cleaning agent is applied with a cup foam lance, this has a clear advantage: the foam is so resilient that it remains on the surface and increases the reaction time and cleaning power. Rinsing with water transports the dirt away in a controlled manner and prevents new contamination.

It is recommended to alternate between acid-based and alkaline foam cleaning products. Acids counteract the build-up of inorganic deposits such as lime, organic dirt is removed with alkaline cleaning agents. Bacteria and viruses have no adhesive surface and can also not develop any resistance to a certain agent. The only thing to remember is that tile joints must be wet before using acid-based cleaning agents so that they do not absorb the acids. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners are perfect for removing residual water. A disinfectant rounds off the cleaning process.

Source: European Journal of Cleaning

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