Robotic vacuums could save on greenhouse gases

A recent experiment conducted by a company in the UK has concluded that by using commercial robotic vacuums in offices, over 11,000 tons of greenhouse gases could be saved each year.

Using a certified power metre reader, The Perfect Little Company (TPLC) pitted one famous commercial mid-sized tub vacuum up against one Hive (10 robots) and monitored the electricity needed to operate both.

The tub vacuum working for two hours had an electricity consumption cost of 1.44kWh. To fully charge one Hive containing 10 robots took 0.54kWh of electricity and they were good to go to cover the same amount of space of about 7,000 square feet.

In London alone (which has over 200 million square feet of office space) this would equate to reducing the carbon output of vacuuming by 2,700 tons per year. It would also save on the costs of vacuum bags, landfill and electricity.

TPLC rents out commercial robotic vacuum cleaners, called Abbee, in Hives of 10. The system is also bag-free.

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