Study suggests coronavirus is not present on London Underground

There is no evidence of Covid-19 on the London Underground network, an Imperial College study has suggested.

As well as being transmitted person to person, the Coronavirus can be picked up from contaminated surfaces. Twenty-four samples collected by scientists at Vauxhall, Pimlico and Victoria stations last month were all negative.

Researchers tested touchpoints at the stations and in the air as part of a bigger project of bacteria and funghi in cities internationally.

The length of time the virus can survive on a surface varies according to light, temperature and humidity, according to Public Health England. The risk is likely to have fallen sharply within 24 hours and much further within two days.

During the pandemic Transport for London (TfL) has introduced a more rigorous cleaning regime, with busy areas being cleaned more often – including during the day – and high-risk surfaces are being disinfected daily.

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