Which areas of a car need to be cleaned most?

A professional car cleaner has put together a list of frequent touch-points in a bid to prevent the spread of germs in vehicles during the coronavirus crisis.

Ben Murphy is a car detailer for Toyota and is responsible for keeping the company’s UK fleet of press vehicles cleaned and professionally maintained.

Murphy, who cleans an average of 30 cars per week, claims that particular attention needs to be paid to 40 areas in order to keep cars germ-free.

Besides obvious fixtures such as door handles, steering wheels and gear sticks the list also includes head rests, seat pockets, air vents and heating controls.

“Our cars return to our press fleet garage from all over the country and I have to think – where have people touched?” he said.

“For example, a driver will probably approach the car with key in hand and pull on the door handle. Then there’s the steering wheel and horn, the gearstick and the rear-view mirror because most people adjust the mirror when they get in the car.”

Seatbelts are identified as another area where coronavirus and other germs can breed since these are commonly coughed and sneezed upon and are then touched by drivers and passengers. And he adds that the rear side windows are also worth wiping clean because children tend to use their fingers to draw faces on them.

According to Murphy it is good practice to wear gloves when travelling in a taxi or using a rental car.

“With a pack of bleach-free antibacterial wipes and a dry microfibre cloth you can give most of the touch points a clean,” he said. “But don’t just give each area a quick wipe – make sure you wipe it at least twice in a forwards and backwards motion so you’ve cleaned it completely.”

Source: European Journal of Cleaning

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