London Underground trials UV light cleaning technology

Transport for London (TfL) in the UK is trialling UV light technology on the London Underground as part of its efforts to curb the spread of Coronavirus there.

Machines beaming UV light rays onto escalator handrails have been installed at various points across the network. Numerous reports have suggested Covid-19 thrives less well in hot climates and when exposed to sun rays, and scientists have attributed this to the fact UV radiation damages the genetic material of viruses and their ability to replicate.

If the trial proves to be successful, UV light technology could be installed “more widely” as a cleaning method throughout the London Underground.

TfL said: “A trial is underway to use UV light to clean the handrails on escalators on the Tube network.

“The device, which could help supplement TfL’s extensive anti-viral cleaning regime, is connected to the escalator handrail and uses its motion to power a UV bulb that breaks down surface contamination to sanitise the handrail.

“TfL is now assessing the benefits of the technology, which could be installed more widely in the future.”

Source: European Cleaning Journal

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