Which is right for you: Regular vs Deep Cleaning

Wondering whether your property requires a deep clean? Here’s everything you need to know before making the decision.

Keeping on top of the cleaning in your property can be a struggle, which is why outsourcing help can be a massive help. But how do you decide between regular cleaning or deep clean? According to a recent poll, the average person spends more than 5 hours a week on domestic cleaning! Also, there are times where regular cleaning isn’t enough. Maybe you’re moving offices or planning on selling a house; this is where deep cleaning is the best option.

Cleaning a property to the highest standard takes a lot of time, effort, and speciality cleaning products. Leave it to the professionals, and you know they will complete the job correctly and quickly! But how do you choose between regular and deep cleaning? Here are the main differences.


Deep Cleaning Removes Tough Dirt and Grime

Deep cleaning covers areas not usually touched by regular cleaning, tackling tough dirt and grime. Throughout a deep clean, behind appliances such as ovens and washing machines will be thoroughly cleaned. No dirt will be left behind! Any stains are removed from carpets or upholstery, and limescale removed from showers/taps.


Regular Cleaning Keeps On Top Of Cleaning

Regular cleaning is viewed as more of a maintenance service than a deep clean. Think of the tasks you would carry out on a weekly/daily basis; this is what takes place in a regular clean. Cleanliness is being maintained, preventing any build-up of dust and grime.


Deep Cleaning Is More Thorough

Deep cleaning takes longer and comes with a slightly larger price tag, but it’s a lot more thorough. You should always hire a professional if you require a deep clean, as they have the correct specialist equipment to complete the job. Untrained people will not reach the same level of cleanliness. This is why deep cleans are used at the end of tenancies and when properties are going up for sale!


Regular Cleaning Occurs More Often

This is the most significant difference between regular and deep cleaning; regular cleaning takes place following a routine schedule. Deep cleaning differs, as it’s a one-off service, often used when a new tenant moves into a property or cleans a premise to get rid of a virus. Regular cleaning schedules change depending on the individual needs; it can be daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly!


Times When A Deep Clean May Be Required

  • You are a first time customer- most cleaning companies have a rule that all new customers require a deep clean before you can arrange a regular cleaning schedule.
  • You are putting your property up for sale- when looking for a property to purchase, a clean property is a lot more likely to impress! People even pay more for a well-presented house.
  • You are moving out of a rental property- landlords expect properties to be left in good condition, ready for another tenant to move in.
  • You’ve moved into a property that’s in bad condition- unfortunately, not everybody gets a deep clean before moving out of properties.
  • You are hosting a big event- maybe a wedding is taking place in a property you own, or you’re hosting an important work meeting. A deep clean ensures your premises are hygienic and look good too!

Always Hire a Professional If You Require A Deep Clean!

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