The Top 8 reasons to choose Rafters Cleaning

If you are looking for commercial cleaners then we are the company for you! Please see below for our top 8 reasons to go with the Norwich’s premium cleaning company (us).

– We work directly with Eco-lab to make sure we get only the best chemicals, as Eco-lab are the worlds best suppliers with offering only the best chemicals for companies to use.

– We tailor our service exactly to what you want, whether you would like to attend our weekly cleanliness audits of your site, or you would like us to be more flexible from week to week cleaning. We pride our selves on delivering nothing short from what fits you!

– Our equipment is the most effective, we use Vileda who design and create the most time efficient equipment they can to ensure we can get the job done to the best standard in the best time!

– We don’t tie you in with contracts, buy out clauses or hidden T&C’s – any questions you have that you can’t find the answer to on our website just send us an email and we will get back to you ASAP with the answer!

– We look after our staff, we believe completely that a happier work force provide better results, so not only do we periodically (and sporadically) reward our staff but we also pay a flat rate of £10 an hour!

– We always want to make sure you are happy with your service, if you are ever dis-satisfied we will resolve the issue within a timely matter at no further cost.

– We offer 10% off your annual cost if you pay for the year upfront, that’s not all! When you first join depending on the hourly rate you have chosen you will receive your designated product pack for free. (depending on what is needed at your site we can customise these for you!)

– We have Rex… I mean come on guys, our company mascot is a dinosaur. Mic drop.

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