Airlines ramp up cleaning to protect passengers and crew

Electrostatic sprays, compulsory face masks and social distancing are among the measures being adopted by airlines to reduce the spread of COVID-19 as flights begin to resume.

Airlines are stepping up their pre-flight cleaning while also introducing various safety measures to help keep staff and passengers safe.

US carrier Southwest Airlines is applying an electrostatic spray to its aircraft interiors, a process that involves droplets of disinfectant and an antimicrobial cleaner being sprayed into cabins to produce a fine mist.

Also using the sprays are fellow US airlines Delta and United which are also requiring all passengers to wear face coverings in check-in areas, lounges, boarding gate areas and during the flight.

Meanwhille, Singapore Airlines has stepped up its cleaning regimes and is now subjecting its Airbus A380 double-deckers to a 2.5 hour deep clean between flights. All blankets are sent off for high-temperature washing while the entire cabin is fogged with disinfectant. Cleaners then disinfect all sensitive areas including lavatory door handles, basins and toilet bowls along with passenger seating areas, tray tables, seat rests and soft furnishings.

Emirates’ aircraft are also undergoing enhanced cleaning and disinfection protocols after each journey. And the airline has introduced social distancing on flights by ensuring that vacant seats are used to split up individual passengers and family groups.

In other anti-COVID measures, magazines and other print reading material is being made temporarily unavailable on many flights to reduce the risk of spreading the virus by touch. And passengers are being encouraged to pack their own food and drinks to reduce the amount of hand contact with staff.

Source: European Journal of Cleaning

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